Melody Pole Studio
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General Questions
Are there classes on Public Holidays?
Open: Public Holidays, Yellow Rain Signal, Red Rain Signal
Close: Typhoon Signal 8, Black Rain

*We will not organize extra catch up classes for classes cancellation due to weather condition.
Please go to other available classes of the same level or lower for catch up in the same term.
Questions about Pole Dancing
What is pole dancing?
Pole Dancing is a form of performing art, a combination of dance and gymnastics. It involves dancing and performing acrobatic tricks with a vertical pole and is an increasingly popular form of fitness and dance, practiced by many enthusiasts in gyms or dedicated dance studios. Melody Pole Studio focuses on the graceful and feminine side of pole dancing.
Is Pole Dancing good for me?
Pole Dance is a whole body workout. You will definitely trim down as you go, and will see more body definition. You get muscle toning and strength along with cardio vascular exercise, all combined into an extremely fun hour workout. Most students start with beginner course, learning pole tricks and dance routines, gradually increase strength and flexibility.
How fit do I need to be to pole dance?
You do not need to be very fit when you start pole dancing. You will build up strength as you go along. Our courses are decided to improve your fitness level, strength, flexibility and dance skill.
About enrollment
How can I enroll class?
At first, please sign up an account in our website > "Enrollment" to select the class(es) > You may see your selected class in your Cart > pay by Pole Money or Credit card.
Can I refund?
After enrolled, all fees and deposits are not transferable, non-refundable and cannot be deferred to other terms in any cases.
Can I defer the coure?
All fees are not transferable, non-refundable and cannot be deferred to other terms.
Pole Money
What is Pole Money?
"Pole Money" is the consumable amount in your registered account at our website.(1 Pole Money = HK$1) You can use "Pole Money" to replace the cash payment at our website.
How to use Pole Money?
When you pay, pole money is the priority payment method. If the pole money is not enough for total transaction, you can pay credit card for the remain payment..
How long is Pole Money Valid for?
Pole Money is valid for 365 days from the last purchase date of account. For any account did not make any purchase in the last 365 days, MPS reserves the right to cancel all Pole Money accumulated without prior notice.