Melody Rose
Founder of Melody Pole Studio
Pole Dance Hong Kong Champion x2
Hong Kong Pole Star 2011
Pole Theatre Hong Kong 2019 Classique Champion
Pole Dance Career Coach

Melody is the pole dance choreographer and instructor for many celebrities,
movies, TV productions and concerts.
With so much passion towards pole and exotic dancing, Melody wish every student enjoys as much as she does.

* Pole Dance Hong Kong Champion 2009, 2011
* Hong Kong Pole Star 2011.
* Pole Theatre Hong Kong 2019 Classique Champion.

Specialize in analyzing and providing solution to solve your pole technique problem.

*2019 HKFBF Master Physique Runner Up (Body Build)

Conditioning Trainer
Specialize in training muscle for pole and prevent injury from pole dance.
Pole Dance Instructor

Amie discovered pole dance in 2015 and Exotic Pole dance in 2017. This fitness and elegant lines became her passion quickly. Pole Dance allowed me to explore sexiness, power, strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Amie’s chorography is Sexy & Elegant and specialise in ‘Flow’ technique, to use body impulses and spirals in technique to be like water.

Amie’s specialties and interests include all level of pole tricks, Exotic Pole, Low Flow Pole, dynamic and strength-based tricks in both Static pole & Spinning pole.
Yuen Yuen
Pole Dance Instructor

*MPS Teacher Training Graduate


Pole Dance Instructor
From high school teacher to pole dance teacher
"Influence life one at a time"

*MPS Teacher Training Graduate
*Certified Yoga Instructor
Mekaila is an accomplished dance teacher with a passion for contemporary styles. She began her journey in the world of dance at the age of 6, when she took her first ballet class. Since then, Mekaila has dedicated herself to honing her skills and exploring other dance genres, including modern dance, jazz and k-pop.

Mekaila's dedication and talent have led her to participate in numerous concerts and performances alongsides artists. Her experiences provided her with a deep understanding of the art of dance and the importance of expression through movement.

Come thrive and discover your passion for dance!!

經常以不同的角色參與各種大大小小的歌唱表演及舞蹈演出、例如CCDC《大步走》編舞助理、綠葉劇團《利瑪竇音樂劇》 演員、ViuTV《全民造星II》60強等;近年活躍於鋼管舞,並於MPS Own It 2024比賽中取得冠軍。至今仍未卻步,不斷學習及精進不同類型的技能,例如街舞現代舞、鋼管舞、瑜伽手倒立、街頭健身等。

Graduated from Sudiodanz’s The Showbiz Project in 2012.
Serena also obtained a Bachelor in English language and literature from Chinses University of Hong Kong. Her passion is not only limited to dance, to further explore the area of physical movement, she also completed 500-hour yoga teacher training.
Serena is an experienced stage performer, specializes in Chair Dance with Heels. She has worked in various concerts for many artists including Leon Lai, Alan Tam, Sam Hui, Hacken Lee, Justin Lo and C all Star. More than that, she also appeared in different TV programmes and commercials.