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About Melody Pole Studio
Melody Pole Studio is founded by 2 times Hong Kong Pole Champion, Melody Rose.

Melody Pole Studio believes in protecting and promoting the exotic value of pole dancing. At the same time, we create different style pole dance classes to promote diversity in pole dance performing art.

Melody Pole Studio believes that even pole dancing may not be accepted by everyone, there is no need to change our exotic core value for acceptance. Diversity is the uniqueness in pole dancing.

If you have chosen pole dance, if you have chosen us,we will be there for you.
2024 Term 3 - 10 JUN 2024 - 4 AUG 2024
Next Term - 2024 Term 3 - 10 JUN 2024 - 4 AUG 2024
💃🏻課程日期 COURSE START: 2024年6月10日
👑VIP 報名日期 VIP ENROLMENT DAY:21 May 2024 11am
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦公開報名日期 GENERAL ENROLMENT DAY:25 May 2024 11am

*Early bird period: 21/5/2024 - 31/5/2024

Email: melodypolestudio.reception@gmail.com
IG dm: melodypolestudio
Whatsapp: 64394732
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Latest news from Melody Pole Studio
【New Student Discount Offer】 ^Original $2330
For new students:1st Course $1380/course;2nd Course $1373/course; 3rd Course $1373/course. Courses are 8-week based.
【Current Student Offer】^Original $2330
Discount:TBA;Enroll in the first week of enrollment to get extra 25% early bird discount!
【V.I.P】 Enroll in 3 or more courses in the same term to become VIP
1: Early enrollment in the following term ; 2: Free practice at Melody Pole Studio (Lai Chi Kok) ; 3: Free locker;4: Complimentary Workshop;5: 10%off Paid Workshop;6: Shopping discount